Cave tourism
Near the Pamporovo resort are some of the most beautiful caves in the country, visited by many tourists.
Famous and suitable for cave tourism in the area are the following caves:
The Devil’s Throat Many people have heard of Devil’s Throat – an incredible and unique cave. Have you seen what it is about? The cave itself is about 40 km away from Pamporovo and it is very easy to reach by car. There is the largest waterfall on the Balkan peninsula (underground). There is also a legend about the cave that tells of Orpheus and Eurydice.

We will not tell you now, you will learn it from the tour guide as you walk into the cave – so the thrill will be far greater and more real.
Yagodinska cave
This cave is even more interesting than the Devil’s Throat. It is extremely beautiful because of its formation, where there are thousands of stalactites, stalactites and stalactites. Yagodina cave is 50 km away, making it suitable for visiting. You can easily see both caves in one day.
The ennobled part of the cave is about 1 kilometer long. There are special stops where you will learn additional information from the guides. The cave has three levels. On top of it there is an amazing museum, which houses prehistoric people. There you can see what dishes they ate and what tools they used. If you are near this area, you should not miss this place and you must visit it.
Finally, you can also take a walk to the Eagle Eye where there is a 360 degree panorama and the Buinovsko Gorge is visible. You will see some of Pirin and Rila. This attraction is from 2009 and to make this visit, you will need a high-speed jeep. If you do not have one, you can hire it from local people.
This cave is closest to Pamporovo. Its location is at the end of Momchilovtsi village. The cave is called by the locals – an underground palace because it has amazing formations. Uhlovitsa is several floors. At the top is the hall of the chasms, which leads to the lower hall on a steep ladder. The lower hall is the most beautiful in the whole cave. The length of Uhlovitsa is about 450 meters, but the upgraded part is 330 meters. There are seven lakes filled with water in the spring. There is also a large stone waterfall.
Golubovitsa 2 is a water cave and its visit is exciting. It is the most interesting in the whole area. The visit is only done with special equipment and guides, because rubber boats are used to pass some streams and lakes. The cave can be visited from June to September. Finally, you can go down the Alpine Trolley or Via Ferrata.
Chudnite Mostove
This is another incredible landmark in this area. They are very beautiful, but to feel their power, you have to see them live. Their other name is Rock Bridges. They are located about 40 km from Pamporovo and are in the direction of Plovdiv. Departure from the main road is 15 km. This place is mostly visited by our guests and is one of the most liked. There are many picnic areas around the bridges, the view is very beautiful and the area is suitable for a walk.